Saturday, January 29, 2005

Bombs Begin As Iraqis Vote

This is nothing new! The re-election of Abraham Lincoln, as the Civil War raged on was boycotted by no less than 11 states and violence abounded.

Iraq is gonna get through this election and then it will have another one and another one and one day all Iraqi's will live in peace and security.

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President Yawer LaunchesIraq Elections

From a surprising source we have this honest dialogue on the Iraq Elections from The BBS.

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Voting Is Underway In Iraq!

For the 1st time in Iraq's history, the citizens of that nation are voting for their own future.

Dear Lord,

We pray that the Iraqi people come out in mass to vote on their new constitutional assembly. Dear Lord we ask that you protect the patriots that will come out to vote and bless the world with a good result.

If this is Your will. Amen.

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3 Hours and Counting until Iraq Elections Begin

Just hours to go until Iraqi's go to the polls and I have some questions. Where are all the big bad terrorists? Did they forget that the best way to limit voting is to put on a big bloody show the day before the election.? Killing two nationals is not the proper modivation against voting.

These elections are going to be great!

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