Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bionic Soldiers Return To The Battlefield

As a below-knee amputee (as of 12-15-04) I have a bit of experience in the area of prosthetics. I was fitted in February with my first prosthetic leg and have not looked back. Although I have still not been fitted for a running leg, I can already see how far I can go. For some of our wounded soldiers, allowing the little issue of real limb or fake will not stop them from valiantly continuing to serve their country.

From The Times of London Online:

A cavalry officer, Rozelle lost his right foot in 2003 in Iraq when a mine planted in a dirt road exploded under his Humvee. After a gruelling recovery, he is the first amputee to return to combat duty in Iraq.

He is proud to be pioneering a route back to active service for seriously wounded soldiers. “I didn’t want the terrorists to decide for me whether I stayed in the army or not,” he said.

“I hope I’m going to break the ice for others to follow. It’s not easy but I’m going to prove it can be done.”

With the help of a C-Leg, a prosthetic limb with electronic sensors that gives him a normal gait, Rozelle, 33, can outrun most men under his command. “There are a few young bucks who can beat me,” he admitted ruefully, “but not many.”

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Egypt Shows Real Desire To Be Democratic

Egypt has sent a number of mixed signals about it's willingness to Democratize. First they arrest a key opposition to the current administration then they indicate they will hold (for the 1st time) elections with More than just one state-backed candidate. But today The Associated Press reports that Egypt appears to be righting a real wrong:

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Opposition leader and presidential hopeful Ayman Nour walked out of Cairo's central security headquarters Saturday and was whisked to the shoulders of his supporters after posting bail in a case that angered Washington and undermined Egypt's talk of democratic reform.

Nour, in a white prison jump suit, stepped out looking frail, but blew kisses to the crowd of supporters. He flashed a V-for-victory sign from over their heads.

Judicial authorities announced earlier Saturday that bail had been set at $1,725.

"I am so happy. Ayman is of the people, for the people. He was never a stooge of the authorities," his wife, Gamila Ismail, said.

Nour was arrested on Jan. 29, accused of presenting fraudulent signatures in order to win the license for his party - but he was never formally charged and he and his supporters say the detention was political, aiming to eliminate him as a rival to the ruling party.

Washington had joined the calls for his release.
Democracy is on the march in the Middle East.

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Democrats Forced To Throw Up Pro-Life Candidates In 2006

Some still say the Democrats are not learning from the mistakes they made in the last 3 elections. Indeed, the bread & butter of the Democratic Party, "The Liberals" still seem to be in denial about the losses and the cause for those losses.

Recently, pro-abortion Senator from New York and new chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Charles Schumer has come under fire from his liberal constituants for supporting pro-life Democrats for spots running in the 2006 elections.

The Washington Post reports today:

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, a New York Democrat, is a close student of these events. As the new chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, his job is to elect more Democrats. He's ruffled some feathers by thinking the way Karl Rove does, searching for the strongest Democratic candidate in a contested state and trying to prevent divisive primaries.

Schumer's initial salvo, ironically, involved a quest for a candidate to run against Santorum in 2006. According to Schumer, "it turned out that the strongest candidate in Pennsylvania, according to everyone we talked to, was Bob Casey." That would be Robert Casey Jr., the state treasurer whose name may sound familiar because his father, a pro-labor liberal, became a hero to the right-to-life movement when the Democrats denied him platform time at their 1992 convention. The son, like his father (who died in 2000), is pro-life.
The article also speaks to a change of heart by the Democratic Leadership in regards to Hollywood political activism:
Enter Hollywood. Virginia Hopper, wife of actor Dennis Hopper, organized a letter with her pro-choice allies urging financial support for Brown: "This is even more important than one precious Senate seat; it is a fight to protect women and families, and a fight for the core and soul of our party." In a rather graceless warning, the Hopper letter declared that "money is the biggest and loudest message." Langevin deserves a writing Oscar for his tart reply: "I find it hard to believe people in Hollywood can relate to the struggles of working families in Rhode Island."

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A Very Fine Tribute To Our Troops

WARNING: There is an audio track that you must be able to hear to get the full effect. The full effect will induce tears so be prepared. It is the best tribute I have seen yet - SoCalPundit


This is VERY moving and something I thought some of you make like to see. It really puts a lot of things into perspective.

Click on Link Below:

Someone put together a flash presentation with music from Ricky Skaggs with an overlay of a little girl talking to her Dad who is a soldier. Whew! This is very touching and really puts things into perspective. This is one of the best done pieces I have seen. Make sure your speakers are turned on. It takes a few minutes to load but it is well worth the wait. Click Here To View. Armed Forces Tribute

Thanks to John Kehrli for sharing this.

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