Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Year Of Living Interestingly

2008 will go down in the annals of my personal and family history as one of the most frustrating yet consequential years of my life thus far. At nearly 37 years old, I am sure many more years will come along that rival that of 2008. But here are a couple highlights that at least mostly took place in 2008 and contributed to making this year the year of living interestingly.

At the end of 2008, I was able to say that I was now on target to double the income I made in 2007. Through hard work and some really excellent breaks that were given to me by some totally awesome people, God was able to deliver a higher quality of life to me and my family. Praise to Him.

The complexities of the relationships I have with the family outside of those that live in my home became a lot more complicated. I think my brother and I have grown closer together while my relationship with my father, with whom I once had a very close relationship, has declined in quality. Meanwhile the relationships with the people that live in my home have improved. For those of you that did not know, my family is made up of one child that my wife brought to the marriage, one that I brought and one that we had together. This mixed family situation has offered its share of complexities that really began to shake out in 2008. I love you Des and now I think you really know that to be true!

God has tested my integrity and set up opportunities for me to prove I have matured beyond my reckless and dangerous youth. Some of those incidents are from the points made above and below but there were plenty of other opportunities that I faced where I would say I did the right thing and acted correctly about 60% of the time but will go unmentioned for various reasons.

The Lord sought that in 2008, I would become an association executive. The honor and responsibility of heading up a non-profit association will never cease to leave me in awe of His power to work in my life. In 2009, I will endeavor to take the opportunity that has been afforded me and make something really great of the organizazation I have been tasked with administering.

2008 was the year that (not this blog which is a blog) was hacked beyond repair. This is sad, but also fortuitous in a way. The time it was taking to update that blog everyday was becoming a strain with the increasing demands of my job and family life.

In 2008, in large part due to my improving physical condition and desire to rise above my disability, I completed my first ever 65 mile organized bicycle ride and finished a 4.5 hour stationary bicycle event. The culmination of fund raising for the 2 events raised $1500 for my favorite charity, The Challenged Athletes Foundation. The same group gave me the bike that got me started down the path that led to completing the events.

In 2008 I began to see home ownership in my near future. Now if the great Obama will use his powers of Hope & Change to unlock the home lending industry, I'll be a home owner in 2009.

Watching my party, The Republican Party, make example after example of blundering decisions has been painful to watch and 2008 was a year where the chickens came home to roost. The 2008 Presidential elections may have sealed permanent minority status for the Republican Party. With the old guard, wine-sipping Party leaders unwilling to relinquish the party to a generation better able to meet the needs of the base and a growing libertarian-edged middle America, I am afraid that I see no significant gains for Republicans in the near future.

So, its been an interesting year. A year of tests and of gains for The Korenthal Family and maybe for the nation. If Barack Obama is even a minimally better leader than I am willing bet he will be, the nation will not crumble under his watch. Let's just say that on that front, we're in wait and see mode.

God Bless all of you that have been following along. I love you!

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