Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Change To Win" Union Denies Job Offered To Governor Blagojevich

Time will tell if this statement is more than just wishful thinking on behalf of the biggest of the Big Labor instruments.

The following is a statement from Change to Win
communications director Greg Denier on the federal investigation involving
Governor Blagojevich.

"No one connected with Change to Win ever considered, discussed or promised any
position at Change to Win to Governor Blagojevich, his staff or his advisers. In
the affidavit released by the United States Attorney, a position at Change to
Win is discussed only in conversations between the governor and his advisers.
The first time Change to Win learned of any of the matters raised in the
criminal complaint was with today's public release of the affidavit."
I don't trust Big Labor bosses and neither should The Justice Department and The National Labor Relations Board.

UPDATE: According to The Washington Post, contained in the complaint against Blagojevich is:
a description of an official with the Service Employees International Union acting as an apparent intermediary between the governor and Barack Obama's camp in discussions over Obama's Senate seat.


The U.S. attorney's complaint states that Blagojevich mused aloud with his advisers about the possibility that he could seek a high-paying job with Change to Win, the coalition of seven unions -- dominated by SEIU -- that broke away from the AFL-CIO in 2005. Blagojevich and his chief of staff wondered aloud about a "three-way deal" in which he would appoint Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago businesswoman believed to be the woman identified in the complaint as "Candidate 1," to Obama's Senate seat; Blagojevich in return would become Change to Win's executive director; and Obama would reward Change to Win with pro-labor policies.

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Not Much interest In Calling in Gay Today

So says the Mercury News

This doesn't surprise me. The whole Gay Marriage battle is based a lazy sort of "its all about me" mentality. Few beyond committed homosexual activists are going to put their livelihoods on the line over this silly fight.

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Proof The Media Doesn't Like The War In Afghanistan Any Better

Another frightening omen for Barack Obama, this time in regards to any plans he may have to increase efforts to win the War in Afghanistan.

It's in regards to this AP headline you may have seen today:

US Special Forces mistakenly kill 6 Afghan police

Read about it here.

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