Wednesday, January 07, 2009

CA Governor Considers "Breeder Tax" It's Not What You Think!

I'll tell you right now, this is not a tax that will be opposed by The National Kennel Club. By breeder, Schwarzenegger is referring not to those that breed dogs but those that breed children.

Among the 8 tax raising proposals contained in the Governor's Budget 2008-09 is this little gem:

Reduce the personal income tax dependent exemption credit to equal the personal exemption credit. I will pay an extra $400 in breeder tax even though we are simply propagating the species at current levels.

The current dependent exemption is $294 per child. The current personal exemption is $94 per adult.

Gee, I wonder who is going to get their butt's kicked the hardest with this one. According to my friend:

In my church there is one family with 12 children, one with 9, two with 7, one with 6, one with 5, three with 4, and eight with 3 children. That’s $16,400 per year in additional taxes from 17 families with 82 children.
And they are not even Mormons!

I'll personally also suffer to the tune of $400. While my ex, who takes the deduction on my 3rd child will take the additional $200 hit.

Folks, we have got to let the Governor know that it is unacceptable that, in this time of shrinking salaries and growing debt, he would even consider settling the state's financial crisis on the backs of hardworking parents. Use this link to find relevant contact information for the Governor.

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