Saturday, March 19, 2005

The SoCalPundit Connection To The Anti-War Rallies That Went On Today

For whatever reason, the liberals in my town announced the time and location of their anti-war rally in the local newspaper. So SoCalPundit, with an impressive email list of good conservative Americans put out word that we would like to counter their efforts to show that many of us here in Southern California support our troops by supporting the mission they are on.

We were outnumbered by the leftists 4-1 but that did not hold back our spirit or the gratitude we saw in the eyes of the motorists that passed by and thanked us for standing up for their beliefs.

The sign I held up read simply: "Iraq Can Vote" and had a "Viva Bush" bumper sticker at the bottom.

As usual I tried to engage a few of the "Blame America First" protesters to answer some questions I had (such as; What question is war not the answer too?) but was answered with either silence or meaningless platitudes.

Interestingly, it had been raining cats and dogs all day until about half an hour before the protest was to begin and stay chilly but dry for the remainder of the afternoon.

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Terri Schiavo Receives A Stay of Execution

I must say that I thought it was curtains for Terri this time but that does not look like it is the case. From The Associated Press:

Congressional leaders announced a compromise between Senate and House Republicans that would allow the brain-damaged woman's case to be reviewed by federal courts that could restore her feeding tube. Opposition waned after House leaders agreed to give up broader legislation and accept a narrowly crafted bill that applied only to Schiavo's case.

Senate convened briefly Saturday evening to give formal permission for the House to meet Sunday, when it otherwise would be adjourned for the Easter recess.

The plan is for the House to act on the two-page bill Sunday or just after midnight Monday morning. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said the Senate then would act on the House legislation, assuming it passes the House as envisioned, and rush the bill to the president for signature into law.

President Bush changed his schedule to return to Washington from his Texas ranch on Sunday to be on hand to sign the legislation.

"We should investigate every avenue before we take the life of a living human being," said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas. "That's the very least we can do for her."
I agree. There are many unanswered questions about what Terri might or might not have wanted as well as the circumstances surrounding the events that put her in her current state.

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President Bush Is Strongest When Liberals Complain & Obstruct

Consider this: The vast Republican activism that re-elected the president and increased Republicans hold on the house and the senate was in part a result of frustration with the Democrats on Capital Hill. Conservative Activists made much of the Democrats habit of obstructing Bush's nominations and complaining when they should have been offering solutions of their own.

Democrats continue to filibuster and Activist Judges continue to change the American moral landscape by forcing the Progressive Agenda of Socialism on America. By continuing to make hay over these issues while also casting Democrats as naysayers on solving the Social Security issue, he continues to motivate the base to support him, his ideas and the Republicans in Congress that tow the conservative American agenda.

Peter Brown writes in an Orlando Sentinel Opinion Piece that this ingenious plan will work because Democrats continue to ignore the will of America out as they continue to implement the Progressive Agenda:

Politics is a funny game. A win can turn out to be a loss, or sometimes you can lose by winning.

The betting here is a California judge's decision to legalize gay marriage there will eventually fall into that category.

In the long run, those unhappy with the ruling may come to view it as a catalyst that advanced their overall agenda -- and not just when it comes to same-sex marriage.

Gay-rights proponents may well wonder, as they did after last November's election, whether court victories are worth the political cost.

That's because the decision likely will help President Bush win the upcoming war over judicial confirmations about to engulf Washington, D.C. Such a victory could tilt the national verdict on many issues.
So by simply allowing Democrats to continue their habit of effecting change through the courts rather than the ballot box, Bush is taking advantage of the current political majority in America that simply hates being told what to think and how to act by "installed for life" judges.

UPDATE: It is likely that brain damaged Terri Schiavo will die a painful death because Democrats refuse to join Republicans in Congress to stop the forced starvation of a woman that you can clearly see from TV is not in a "persistent vegetative state". When all is said and done this decision by Democrats will be yet another nail in their coffin.

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