Saturday, January 31, 2009

45% of Americans Think Stimulus Plan Will Help The Economy

Which basically means that 45% of Americans are either uninformed as to what is contained in the stimulus plan or stand to benefit directly from the massive amount of pork contained in it.

# $30 billion on federal government building improvements

# $1.5 billion for homelessness prevention

# $650 million for digital TV coupons

# $650 million for wildlife management

# $600 million for the federal government to buy new green cars

# $570 million for climate change

# $75 million for smoking cessation activities

Among those that support the Bill because they will benefit from it is the son of one of the Bill's primary authors David R. Obey (D - WI) whose employer will receive $2 billion.
Craig Obey, a senior vice president of the National Parks Conservation Association, is a top lobbyist for the nonprofit group, which made public appeals for funds to repair and maintain national parks in the weeks before the House passed the bill Wednesday.
There is no evidence that a stimulus Bill that spent 100% of its funds on infrastructure improvement would actually aid the economy, let alone this Bill of which just $30 billion or roughly 3% of the spending is earmarked for construction.

This is my opinion and may not be shared by my employer or anyone else with good taste :0)

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