Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Statement from Kevin D. Korenthal on Resignation from Republican Central Committee

On Monday January 12, 2009, the 38th Assembly District Republican Central Committee voted to accept my resignation as an elected member. I have always deemed myself to be a Conservative first and a Republican second. As we have all witnessed in recent years, the two are not always intrinsic. This fact has led to the realization that I can be a better advocate for Conservative values by working outside the political establishment, partnering with the establishment when our priorities meet. Also see Luke 16:13.

I plan to continue to work to insure that the Democrat Party’s plans to payback Big Labor for their assistance in the big wins they achieved in this past election are thwarted. I will also be volunteering on individual candidate and initiative campaigns in the coming year.

I am grateful to all who voted for me and to some of my former fellow Central Committee members for the faith they have and continue to have in me and send my deepest hopes and prayers for the future.

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