Monday, March 09, 2009

Media Touts Evidence of It's Successful Campaign Against Religion

In my home, we share our religious and political beliefs with our children. Meanwhile, Educrats that run our schools and the Hollywood & Media Elite work every day to instill upon our children that religion is dead and Republicans are evil. This has been going on for the better half of the last 50 years.

Lo and behold, CNN touts a study today identified as the American Religious Identification Survey from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut that allegedly shows that religious affiliation in America is decreasing at a pretty dramatic rate.

Three out of four Americans call themselves Christian, according to the American Religious Identification Survey from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. In 1990, the figure was closer to nine out of 10 -- 86 percent.
This is not surprising given the media and Hollywood's pernicious attacks against religion. Coupled with the anti-religious bigotry taught in college universities, it is a small miracle that faith still exists at all.

But what was actually surprising (to liberals I think but not to me) about this study was this finding.
The survey also found that "born-again" or "evangelical" Christianity is on the rise, while the percentage who belong to "mainline" congregations such as the Episcopal or Lutheran churches has fallen.
So religious groups that tend to lean to a more liberal interpretation of faith and the Bible are loosing attendance to more evangelical faiths. If we are to take the survey's findings at face value, it would appear that while many who practiced a watered-down form of their faith or did not practice their faith at all seem to falling away from churches, those that are truly finding God and seek to use His word as road map for how they should live their lives is increasing.

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