Monday, January 31, 2005

Pro-Abortionists Lose A Round

By Christine Korenthal

Pro-“choice” activists and abortion providers have long claimed to be all about helping women and giving women the right to choose. I respectfully disagreed, but believed that their hearts were in the right place. I used to believe that they had the best interest interests of women at heart when saying that we should have a right to choose. I even bought their “it’s all about helping the woman” shtick. That was, until I did some research. I now feel much differently.

Not only did I find out that the many women suffer after abortions, I found out that abortion providers often refuse to educate them about alternatives to abortion or the risks involved. I was shocked to find out that they will even sue in order to bar legislators from forcing them to do so. Long-term risks of abortion include an increased risk of breast, cervical, ovarian, and liver cancer, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, endometriosis, and sterility. It can also cause problems during subsequent pregnancies such as pre-term labor, ectopic pregnancies, placenta previa, and labor complications. The psychological impact can be significant as well. It has been found in some studies that approximately 50% of women experience emotional distress in the form of depression, anxiety, and/or feelings of grief following an abortion. Congress believes this warrants further investigation, yet abortion advocates deny that this problem even exists. And these folks claim to be helping women?

Well, score one for the good guys. Legal precedent was set Friday after a judge in Portland, Oregon ruled in favor of the plaintiff and against All Women’s Health Services, an abortion provider. A 19-year old woman sued the abortion provider because they did not inform her of the psychological or physical risks or the increased risk of breast cancer, prior to her abortion. She was 15 years old at the time. The health risks for women under the age of 20 are even higher than women who are over 25 and this young woman has a family history of breast cancer. This fact was even on her chart, but the abortion provider still did not see fit to inform this young woman of what she was risking by going through with an abortion. Now, in addition to the $200 she plunked down for her abortion, this young woman could someday be forced to pay once again with one or both of her breasts, chemo treatment, and possibly death. That’s a hefty price to pay for convenience.

A month ago, I was talking with my husband about how abortion providers could someday very well be run into the ground by women who feel that they were tricked into believing that this procedure was harmless. I had no idea at the time how on target I was. I figured that setting that legal precedent would be next to impossible; given the hot potato that abortion is, politically and legally speaking. Now this case can hopefully pave the way for women to hit these abortionists in the only place that it seems to hurt them, their wallet. Ordinarily, I don’t advocate these types of lawsuits and I rarely compliment lawyers on their handy work. I am more likely to make a lawyer joke than offer praise for their efforts. But in this case, I say “kudos” to this young woman and to her attorney, Jonathan Clark.

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Terrorists So desperate That Now They Are Faking Video?

I love to tell you I told you so! The foul Jihadists are getting so desperate. The Iraq Terrorist groups of Ansar al-Islam and Islamic National Resistance, 20th Revolution Brigades provided to (none other than) Al-Jazeera a video tape that reportedly shows the downing of the British C-130 from the evening of Election Day.

CNN Reports:

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Don Shepherd, a CNN military analyst, said that pieces of the wreckage appeared to be from a C-130, but that the missile firing appeared suspect.

Shepherd pointed out that both missiles rocket smoothly through the air, which would require a radar-locking system that would be difficult to transport and set up. The alternative, a heat-seaking missile, would cork-screw through the sky toward a target.

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Poor Canadian Math Makes US Economy Seem Weak

Friday's 4th quarter of 2004 growth report could be revised higher because of a miscalculation by Canada's statistics agency. Friday's report showed the U.S. economy grew by 3.1 percent on an annual basis, lagging forecasts for 3.5 percent growth.

Am I the only one who is fining Canada to be increasingly that neighbor that refuses to cut their lawn and plays loud music at all hours of the night?


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A correction to Canadian trade data will affect previously released U.S. fourth-quarter economic growth and November trade figures, but revisions will not be made until mid- to late-February, the Commerce Department said on Monday.

"The correction of the Statistics Canada estimate will have an impact on U.S. calculations of goods and services trade for November and of U.S. GDP for the fourth quarter of 2004," the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis said in a statement.

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Great Commentary On Iraq Elections

The New York Post carries two great commentaries on the Iraq Elections. One by Deborah Orin on the courage of the Iraqis who voted, and one by John Podhoretz on the Democratic reaction.

The New York Times (registration required) has a great 1st person commentary on the elections as they happened in the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City.

I will post links to m ore great commentary as I find it. I also recommend keeping an eye on They always seem to find the hot opinion pieces first.

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Democrats: We'll Continue To Obstruct & Complain

And indeed they appear to be doing just that. Despite being wrong on every point about US foreign policy in the last decade, Democrats still think they can call the shots in Iraq. Democratic Senate Leader (who took over for Tom Daschle whom WE FIRED in the last election)on Monday he plans to call on Bush to outline an exit strategy for Iraq.

I guess the Dems will continue to "act as if" they are relevant. After having lost so much power in the last decade, they still have either not figured out why or simply refuse to admit that their way of legislating (term used loosely) has been rejected by Americans.

So we can expect more of the same from Democrats. They will poopoo every policy on Iraq and will filibuster all the judges Bush brings before them for confirmation. Instead of raising up moderates like Joe Lieberman, the Dems are seriously considering handing the keys to the Democratic National Committee to Howard "I Have A Scream" Dean!!!!!

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