Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where In The World Is Democracy On The March?

Our brethren at PowerLine have linked to a National Review Online Article that tries to answer that question using (something the liberals seem unable or unwilling to consider) THE FACTS ON THE GROUND. Author Michael Ledeen takes us on a tour of the hot spots for burgeoning Democracy around the world. From 1st time elections and Orange Revolutions to dwindeling insurgent cells and Mullahs backed into corners.

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"Oil for Opulent Palaces and Weapons" Program Hearing Begins Today

According to the Washington Times Senator Norm Coleman's Subcommittee on Investigations will delve deeper into allegations against Kofi Annan's son Kojo and Benon Sevan, the U.N. official who oversaw the seven-year program were intimately involved in ripping off the Iraqis while allowing Saddam to continue to stay in power via the illicit funds obtained by him through the program:

Kojo Annan, the son of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, played a far more extensive role than previously revealed in a company that won a key contract under the scandal-plagued Iraq oil-for-food program, Senate investigators have learned.

Investigators also have uncovered documents suggesting that Benon Sevan, the U.N. official who oversaw the seven-year program and was suspended last week, had a much more direct interest in laundered oil deals handed out as bribes by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein under the program. One Iraqi internal investigation put Mr. Sevan's profits at $1.2 million, nearly 10 times the previous estimate.

I am told you can listen to the hearing here. Thanks again to the guys at Powerline for hitting us to this info. If you have not already visited their site and bookmarked it, you should do that now.

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John Kerry: Waah! America should Have Elected Me!

From the "President Bush sucks and any Democrat is better" files of MSNBC.com, we get this belly-aching quote from John Kerry regarding America's security:

"I think my security proposals for the country were smack on, dead on," Kerry said. "I think that had they started to do the things I proposed on Iraq when I proposed them, we would be far better off today. And they are in fact now trying to do some of the things that I proposed."

Senator Kerry is referring to legislation he plans to introduce to permanently increase the size of the military and boost benefits for military families. How this is really central or integral to national security is beyond me.

John Kerry went on to opine that had it not been for the little issue of WAR, he would have been elected president in November:

"Americans accepted that I could be the commander in chief," he said. "What they were unwilling to do was shift commanders in midstream."

It is very likely that John Kerry wakes up each day and reads The New York Times to determine if the populous has begun to forget about him. If he deems this the case, he pens some meaningless platitudes and calls CNN or MSNBC to schedule an interview.

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Piss Off Liberal Motorists & Co-Workers!

Buy yourself some really funny right-wing-humor bumper stickers and signs.


Thanks again to Linda Savadian for hitting us to this great site.

SoCalPundit has no relationship to the entities involved in designing and selling this merchendise but thinks they are very witty indeed!

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