Friday, January 28, 2005

Democrats To America: Run From Violent Challenges!

The crux of the argument posed by the opposition is that US Military involvement in Iraq is the sole sustaining reason for the insurgency in there.

Beyond being irrelevant, our being there plays only a supporting role in the violence in Iraq. The terrorists in Iraq are attacking in order to prevent Democracy from taking hold in that land.

Unfortunately, the polls tell us that nearly 46% of Americans think we should leave Iraq as soon as elections are over, nothing else said. That is called cutting and running. According to the Democrats, the painful struggle that leads to Democracy is too much to withstand. Democrats (or according to a recent FoxNews Opinion Dynamics Poll, 46% percent of America) seem to be saying that regardless of the fact that it is the Iraq-based leader of the organization that attacked on 911 that we fight and that leaving early will guarantee the fall of Iraq to the Islamofascists that knocked down those towers, we should leave NOW!

Everyone needs to settle down and hang in there! Elections begin in Iraq this Sunday.