Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orange County Board of Sups Votes 5-0 To Ban union-only Project Labor Agreements

The Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction (CFEC) and the Western Electrical Contractors Association (WECA) are proud to report that open competition in public works construction got a huge boost in Orange County California today. Supervisoe John Mo0rloch was key to the success. Here is the OC Register article. From Eric Christen, executive director of CFEC:

With over 100 merit shop employees, contractors, and association reps in attendance, the Orange County Board of Supervisors in a 5-0 vote banned Project Labor Agreements with an ordinance. This precedent setting vote puts into law the Supervisors' stated support for open competition, non-discrimination, and the best quality construction at the best price for taxpayers.

Please email the Orange County Board of Supervisors and thank them for their vote!

OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen - janet.nguyen@ocgov.com
OC Supervisor John Moorlach - john.moorlach@ocgov.com
OC Supervisor Bill Campbell - bill.campbell@ocgov.com
OC Supervisor Chris Norby - chris.norby@ocgov.com
OC Supervisor Patricia Bates - patbates@ocgov.com
You can be sure this is just the beginning!

Here is a pro-building trades article leading up to today's unanimous vote in favor of open competition.